Other Specialities

While I have experience treating the majority of issues the typical therapist encounters, there are other issues which I specialize in because of my years of experience, practice and training. 


I provide consultations for other therapists on these issues and have given presentations on many of them. My main areas of specialization include working with:


1. Adolescents, Young People and their Families
2. Men's Issues
3. People in Crisis
4. Artists and Musicians
5. People Experiencing Major Life Transitions
6. ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).
7. Self Harm ("Cutting")

I have worked with Adolescents since 1995 and understand they are often in the middle of many struggles, such as being both a kid and an adult, or the conflict of being who they are versus being who they are told to become. Working with Adolescents sometimes involves working with their families as well to help resolve issues and/or patterns so that the whole family works/feels better together.
Men can have unique pressures and stresses because of the various roles they often play: father, son, bread-winner, husband/partner, etc. Because of these roles and/or due to other pressures in their lives, Men can sometimes feel disconnected and lonely. The challenge for many men, however, is knowing what to do if/when these things come up, especially because of the sociatal pressure for men to have everything under control.  I often meet with Men in therapy and help facilitate Men's Groups.  Finally, I am a member of the Contra Costa Men's Center and we present workshops each year for men.
People in crisis or in transition are clearly dealing with challenges, but the good news is that there is sometimes huge potential for positive change in their lives. While I am conscious that people in this space may be in pain, I am also aware that when individuals successfully learn to work through a crisis, they often feel better about themselves and their lives.
My belief is that the world needs artists and musicians, but often, does not seem to value them highly.  As a professional musician myself, I understand many of the struggles individuals face related to following their passions. These struggles are more than the day-to-day trials of finding work, money, which many people experience, they are also challenges enhanced by the passion an artist may feel about their work.

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder):
I've seen many people discount the ways ADHD can impact not only an individual with the diagnosis, but the entire family of that person as well.  While it is true there are challenges created by this condition, there are potentially-beneficial qualities to it as well. (For instance, people with ADHD tend to be highly creative individuals with LOTS of potential to be leaders.) I see my work with these individuals as helping to understand the challenges while gaining the potential benefits.

SELF HARM ("Cutting"):
Because I work with adolescents, I often meet with teens who Cut or Self Injure in some way.  I've given numerous presentations on this topic, both to parent groups and to teens.  While I certainly don't advocate it in any way, part of me understands self-injury from the perspective of someone needing to express them self in some way and not knowing the most ideal way.  Click HERE to read my article on Self Injury/Cutting.