Office Policies & Confidentiality

Entering therapy is a big decision and it's important to have all of the information you need when considering a therapist. Below is a list of my office policies.


I typically see clients for 45-50 minute sessions, usually one time a week. The schedule generally remains the same each week (for example, each Tuesday evening at 7:30 p.m.) but any session may be changed or canceled with 24 hours notice.

Confidentiality is a key part of the therapeutic process. In short, with a few exceptions, EVERYTHING disclosed to a therapist, including the fact that the individual is in therapy. The exceptions are:

1. When someone is a danger to their self or to others.  Simply having thoughts or desires without the intention to follow through, however, will be held confidential.

2. When the therapist has a reasonable suspicion of Child Abuse, Elder Abuse (65 or older) or Dependent Adult Abuse.

3. By Court Order or in Other Limited Circumstances. (Note: we will talk about these very limited circumstances should they seem relevant; we would do this in the initial session.)

Please note that if you're concerned about confidentiality, I encourage you to call and ask questions. Also, even if you are not considering entering into therapy with me, I am willing to answer questions and offer you referrals to another qualified therapist.

1-The client may be an Individual (you or your child), a Couple (you and your partner) or a Family. 

2-It's important to show up on time to each session and to end the session on time. Also, I have a 24-hour clean and sober policy, which means each client is expected to come to session sober, and to have abstained from substances for the 24 hours prior to session.

3-Payment is expected after each session. If ability to pay becomes an issue, please notify me as soon this becomes clear and we will try to make other arrangements. Payment of fees will be discussed by the end of the first session.

I encourage you to ask any questions anytime: before the first session (by phone), at the first session, or anytime during the course of therapy.

My office is located at 3249 Mt. Diablo Court, Suite 210, Lafayette, CA 94549. This is off the Pleasant Hill Exit from Highway 24, about 200 yards from where Pleasant Hill Road intersects with Mt. Diablo Blvd.  There is ample (free) parking available.  While I am at the office many hours throughout the week, I am only available by appointment.

Please Note: Many insurances cover therapy, either in part or in whole.  I am not affiliated with any insurance company, but upon request, I can provide clients with a Statement (or Superbill) with all billing information which you can send to your insurance company or HSA for possible reimbursement. Some companies reimburse in full, in part, or not at all.  If cost is an issue, I can refer you to a lower-fee person and/or clinic.  (See Referrals.)