Thanks for visiting!  I've been a licensed therapist working in Lafayette, California for more than 15 years and work with individuals & families, facilitate Men's Groups and present workshops to schools and community organizations.  I've written articles for publications and have trained future therapists. I've taught graduate classes in counseling and guest-lectured at UC Berkeley.  I frequently consult with other therapists and am a clinical member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT).

While I have seen individuals and families from many diverse populations and for a large number of presenting issues, my passion is working with Adolescents, Men, and Creative/Artistic people.  My Philosophy as a therapist primarily includes a Humanistic and Existential perspectives because this is how I tend to view the world.

In addition to my training and experience, I have also been a School Counselor in high schools for 25 years; this work has helped me understand the important interplay between personal challenges and academic realities. 

Finally, I bring my own life experiences to this work, which include being a musician and songwriter with 9 albums to my credit, as well as spending a year of my life walking across the country with a group of 80 people.  As a father and being in a committed relationship with my wife, I have a personal understanding of family dynamics which goes beyond my formal training.  Finally, I have also been a client in therapy and understand this work from that point of view as well.
Ultimately, this work is a passion and for this reason, I thank you for visiting my site. Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions. 

David Franklin, MFT,
License No. MFC38755.